Data Mart - 20 Years of Experience

Data Mart: A key component in I/T strategy.  At InfoDesign Inc. we have been building Data Marts for Fortune 100 companies since the late 1970's.  These grew out of the Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Information Centers of the 1980's. It would be fair to say that it's a Marketing tag put on something that was already well established at some of the larger companies.

Data Marts provide all the information that a Group or Department requires.  In reality these are smaller Data Warehouses.  Because they are less encompassing they are easier to build and organizations have had a lot more success with these types of projects. They can be built on a variety of platforms ranging from Windows NT to large UNIX servers and IBM Mainframes.  No matter what the size they have several things in common

 Call InfoDesign Inc. for your Intranet Data Mart project, we have the experience to get it done right.

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